A Juicy Addition: Sprout & Pour, a family owned raw juice bar, is set to open in the heart of Edgewood

A new establishment in Edgewood will soon serve up farm-fresh fruits and veggies — all of the liquid variety.

Sprout & Pour is set to open a juice bar this month. It will be the first in the area serving cold-pressed juices, a process that allows the maximum amount of nutrients to be preserved. Instead of using a centrifugal juice extraction process, as most conventional juicers do, the cold-pressed method uses a hydraulic press.

"It's almost like making a fine wine," says Amanda Blake Turner, founder and co-owner of Sprout & Pour. "It grinds (the ingredients) to a pulp, and then it's pressed through a cloth. There's no motor. Nothing is heated, so there's no oxidation. This allows for the highest yield of nutrients."

The result is a crisp, clean-tasting juice with a thin consistency without the foam or pulp, Turner says. It also lasts longer than most raw juices, with a shelf life of four days.

Turner has sold the juices at Pepper Place Market and various other locations since April. She partnered with friends Carey and Andrew Baker to open the juice bar. Local farms, such as Owls Hollow, supply the fresh produce.

Turner is still new to the juicing scene. After an unexplained illness about a year ago, her sister convinced her to try juicing. Within a matter of days, the flu-like symptoms she'd been suffering started to fade.

After more research, she learned about the cold-pressed process and began testing recipes. Friends like Brooke Fleming, host of Birmingham Creative Roundtable, encouraged her to make her creations available to the public.

She now has six varieties, each sold for $6, making them more affordable than most juices. The most popular is the Spring, a combination of kale, cucumber, mint, apple and orange. Another favorite is the Cashew Milk, with raw cashews, distilled water, raw agave nectar, cinnamon and vanilla.

While cleansing is often the trend with these juices, Turner says she prefers them for a healthy snack and has incorporated them into her daily diet.


Sprout & Pour
927 Oxmoor Road, Edgewood, and Pepper Place Saturday Market


By Laura McAlister
on August 06, 2014 at 10:46 AM, updated August 06, 2014 at 10:47 AM